This means that you either do not have the correct DLL or are missing a DLL that is referenced in the registry.

Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1) Write down the name that is mentioned as [module] in your Event ID 1023 message.
2) Click Start, click Run and type Regedit [enter] (If you do not have a run option just hit the Windows key + R)
3) In the Registry browse to the key:

Where ServiceName references to the [module] name you wrote down in step 1.
4) Under the Performance branch check the entry that says “Library”.

5) Check if the file exits in the folder that is referenced in the registry Library entry.
6) Search the computer for that filename to see if it exists on other locations.
7) Compare file size and versions of the files that are found. If the DLL from step 5 is older/lower version then the ones in other folders you might want to rename this DLL and copy a newer one to the folder.

If you are unable to find the DLL anywhere else on the computer check the original media (CD/DVD) you installed the product from to see if the DLL exist on there. Copy or extract it to the folder where the Perflib expects it.
Then start a Command prompt and type:

REGSVR32 [path][file.dll] – where path and file.dll refer to the complete path and filename of the file you just copied.


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