So my WSUSWsusContent directory has slowly been filling up, and it finally reached about 130GB in size. I run the Server Cleanup Wizard religiously, and I’d see a few hundred megs be freed up here and there, but the folder just kept growing in size.

Finally I found this guy’s help on the Microsoft forum and I wanted to repost it here so that everyone could benefit. I just ran through a bunch of updates and freed up 41GB(!) after about 10 minutes worth of work (selecting updates).

  • Add the Supersedence flag column to your All Updates view.
  • Set the filter criteria to Approval=”Approved” and Status=”Any”.
  • Sort by the supersedence flag and for all updates with Installed/NotApplicabled=100% that are superseded …. select them and DECLINE them.
  • Rerun the Server Cleanup Wizard with only the “Delete files…” option selected.

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