Forefront Security for SharePoint has been revamped and renamed to Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint. Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint will work with the following SharePoint products: SharePoint Server 2010, MOSS 2007 SP1 or later, and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation version 3.0 SP1 or later. Check out the overview and list of new features from my previous post.


Account Requirements

“The user account used to install FPSP must have administrator privileges on the local SharePoint server, and be a member of the administrators group within SharePoint Central Administration. The FPSP installation process also collects account information to be used for the Microsoft Forefront Server Protection Controller for SharePoint service. This account must have SharePoint administrator privileges as well as read/write access to the SharePoint configuration and content databases.” (from TechNet)

The Install

Accept the license agreement and click Next.

This screen informs you of services that may need to be stopped and started during installation, click Next.

Review the installation folders, change if desired, and click Next.

If you use a proxy server for engine and definition updates, then enter that information here. Click Next.

Enter the domain account and password that satisfies the account requirements mentioned at the beginning of this post, then click Next.

Decide if you would like to join the Customer Experience Program, and then click Next.

Verify installation settings; take note that an engine update will start 5 mins after installation.

Scroll down and note that 5 random engines have been chosen, which can be changed after installation. Click Next and the installation will begin.


During the installation process, you will see a few command prompts open and close as the installer runs some necessary STSADM commands. You will be brought back to this screen for final configuring of the product.

Once the installation has completed, click Finish. That’s it, you’re all done! Now, let’s fire up the console.


Start > All Programs > Microsoft Forefront Server Protection > Forefront Protection for SharePoint Console


HUGE update in UI from the previous version! You are immediately given a dashboard showing the scan summaries and health monitors of the SharePoint farm – very helpful!


Want to verify your installation and see if it properly catches viruses? Follow this procedure provided by Microsoft.


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