Exercise 1: Create a French Team Site

In this exercise you will install the French Language Pack and create a French team site.

Task 1 – Installing the French Language Pack.

  1. Using Internet Explorer navigate to http://tinyurl.com/24rh5wk.
  2. Set the language to French and click Change link.

    Figure 1

    Change Language

  3. Click Télécharger button

    Figure 2

    Télécharger button

  4. Save ServerLanguagePack.exe to desktop.
  5. Double-click ServerLangaguePack.exe to start installation.
  6. Follow installation wizard to install the French Language Pack.
  7. Verify the Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now check box is checked.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Select Next and then Yes to start the configuration wizard.
  10. Click Finish when the wizard completes.
  11. The SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard will configure the new templates. The French templates are available after the wizard completes.

Task 2 – Creating a New Team Site Using the French Templates

  1. Navigate to http://intranet.contoso.com using Internet Explorer.
  2. Expand the Site Actions menu and click New Site.
  3. Select French in the language drop down located at the top of the New Site dialog.
  4. Select the Team Site template.
  5. Set the Site’s title to French Demo.
  6. Set the site’s Url to frDemo.

    Figure 3

    Select Language and set site’s url

  7. Click Create.

    Figure 4

    Created site

Exercise 1 Verification

In order to verify that you have correctly performed all steps of exercise 1, proceed as follows:

Verification 1

In this verification, the Silverlight Web Part will display the three tasks created in the Task list.

  1. Using Internet Explorer, navigate to http://intranet.contoso.com/frDemo.
  2. Verify the site French Demo site exists and displaying French text.
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