You can use wbadmin, which is the command-line component of the Windows
Server Backup snap-in, to perform a nonauthoritative restore of Active Directory, which restores a single Active Directory domain controller to its state before the backup
wbadmin start sysstaterecovery -version:MM/DD/YYYY-HH:MM-backuptarget:targetDrive:
-machine: BackupComputerName-quiet

Rebooted your domain controller into
Directory Services Restore Mode, and that you have already performed a nonauthoritative
restore using wbadmin.
1. Open a command prompt window.
2. Key ntdsutil and press (Enter).
3. From the Ntdsutil menu, key activate instance NTDS and press (Enter). You will
return to the Ntdsutil menu.
4. Still working from the Ntdsutil menu, key authoritative restore and press (Enter).
a. To restore a single object, key restore object

and press (Enter).
b. To restore a container and the objects it contains, key restore subtree
and press(Enter). The Authoritative Restore Confirmation Dialog
window is displayed.
5. Click Yes to perform the authoritative restore. After the authoritative restore has
completed, you will see the window shown in Figure 11-11. As you can see, this
indicates that a text file was created containing information about each object
that was authoritatively restored, as well as listing the name of the LDF file containing
any back-link information that needs to be restored.
6. Key quit and press (Enter) twice to return to the command prompt.
7. If back-links need to be restored, restart the domain controller in normal mode.
Open a command prompt, key Idifde -i -f -s and press (Enter).
8. Close the command prompt window.
9. Restart the domain controller in normal mode

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