On the SharePoint 2013 server, open Server Manager -> Tools -> WindowsPowerShell ISE Click File -> Open and navigate to […]
Windows 2012 R2 currently halts with an error (0XC000000F)  when the Windows Deployment Server attempts to Capture an Image.  Run […]
After some research, it turned out the tool “cacls” that allows one to display or change ACLs (access control lists) […]
I have configured SharePoint 2013 and Workflow Manager. Created new Site Collection. However I was not able to create SharePoint […]
Problem You have installed SP1 or some other cumulative update on all your farm servers without issue.  You then run […]
Hello friends, today I will let you know about the SQL Server Instance and SQL Server Alias creation and configuration. […]
Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP: Run the following at a command prompt: net statistics server The second line that […]
I think the easiest way would be with PowerShell.  Just open the shell with Admin rights, and type: Get-WmiObject -ComputerName […]
Credits:http://www.msexchange.org/articles-tutorials/exchange-server-2003/management-administration/User-Groups-Distribution-List-Contact-Management.html In this article I will give you a detailed Step by Step solution how to create mailbox enabled users, […]