I offer Sharepoint Administration which are listed below:

Sharepoint Enterprise Services office:

  1. Setting up Network Load Balancing Site Collections
  2. Setting up Sharepoint for Multitenancy
  3. Setting up Sharepoint with SSL and Multi Tenancy

SharePoint Foundation Services with MS SQL Services Express 2014 R2

1. Setup and configure Sharepoint Foundation for Intranet
2. Setup and configure Site Collections and Teamsites
3. Setup and configure Domain and Workstation for Sharepoint
4. Security Hardening and Performance Tuning

Site Collections Upgrade and Implementations

1.Setting up Site Collections for Business Process
2. Setting up Team sites and training teams to use Sharepoint

Sharepoint Design and Development

  1. Master Page Design and development
  2. Sharepoint Branding and Nested Solutions
  3. Troubleshooting Upgrade issue

Sharepoint Patch Management

  1. Update Sharepoint to the latest
  2. Patch Troubleshooting
  3. Resolving Downtime issues after  Windows Updates

 Also not all my skillset is listed above, please email me jun_obieta@yahoo.com or text me at 7788227917 for my availability.