In a previous article I covered the installation URL Rewrite 2.0 for IIS 7. This is a plug-in for IIS […]
you don’t mind stop the database from working, then you can DETACH it, move the files and then ATTACH it. […]
1. How to maintain the BizTalkDTADb? Each BizTalk service instance running is processing data and while the data is processed, […]
if you are un-able to start Websites in the IIS and receiving fallowing errors “The format of the specified network […]
Open management studio >>connect to SQL Server>>Expand Management>>Right Click Maintenance plan>>Select New Maintenance Plan Give name as you like ( […]
Stop the Windows SharePoint Services Timer service (Found in Windows Services) Navigate to the cache folder In Windows Server 2008, […]
You can create calculated column instead. For example: 1.      you have the date column like “Created” 2.      Create new calculated […]
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  Use multiple: SQL Aliases (separate 1 for search). Dedicate SQL Server for SharePoint. Set max degree of parallelism (MAXDOP) […]